What Does a Property Management Company Do? (Complete List)


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As a rental property owner, you have two options for managing your real estate:

  • DIY management, where you’re responsible for everything from tenant screening to maintenance (and everything in between)
  • Hire a property management company to manage all responsibilities on your behalf 

Here, you’ll learn what a property management company does. 

The Role of a Property Management Company

A property management company plays a vital role in overseeing the daily operations of rental properties to ensure efficient tenant management while maximizing profitability.

Here are some of the primary responsibilities and services offered.

Tenant screening and selection

A property management company screens potential renters by checking their credit, verifying income, and reviewing rental history to identify responsible occupants. This process ensures your property is protected from unreliable tenants.

Thorough tenant selection reduces the likelihood of conflicts and costly evictions. It sets a positive tone for tenant relationships, resulting in longer tenancies and higher tenant satisfaction.

Rent collection

Rent collection can be a hassle, but a property management company ensures you receive your rental income promptly. They enforce strict rent policies, send reminders, and handle late fees to maintain steady cash flow. This makes it easier to budget and plan for property expenses.

With consistent follow-ups and efficient recordkeeping, they also provide you with a comprehensive overview of your rental income. This proactive approach minimizes late payments and enhances tenant accountability.

Lease preparation and enforcement

Crafting a solid lease agreement safeguards your interests and sets clear expectations. Property management companies create comprehensive leases that outline tenant responsibilities, payment schedules, and policies, ensuring legal compliance.

Property management companies also strictly enforce these agreements, resolving disputes when tenants violate terms. By having a firm grasp of local rental laws, they can address breaches swiftly, giving you peace of mind.

Property maintenance and repairs

Maintaining your property’s value is important to your long-term real estate investing success, and a property management company addresses repair issues and preventative maintenance immediately. They coordinate with trusted vendors, saving time and ensuring cost-effective repairs.

Proactive upkeep prevents minor issues from escalating into expensive repairs. A hands-on approach keeps your property in top shape, enhancing tenant satisfaction and reducing vacancy periods.

Financial reporting and budgeting

Understanding your property’s financial health is essential. Property management companies provide detailed reports and analyses, giving clear insights into income, expenses, and overall profitability.

Their budgeting expertise helps allocate resources efficiently, whether setting aside funds for future maintenance or identifying areas to cut costs. With this support, you can make informed decisions and maximize your property’s return on investment.

Marketing and advertising vacant units

Minimizing vacancy time is a must for maximized profitability. Property management companies excel at marketing and advertising vacant units using eye-catching listings, professional photography, and digital platforms to attract quality tenants quickly.

Their market knowledge allows them to set competitive rental rates while highlighting your property’s best features. This strategic approach ensures units are filled quickly, securing rental income.

Tenant communication and conflict resolution

Effective communication is key to a solid landlord-tenant relationship. Property management companies act as intermediaries to address tenant concerns and foster positive interactions.

Their conflict resolution skills help de-escalate disputes. This encourages tenant retention, improves satisfaction, and maintains a professional, respectful environment.

Property inspections

Regular property inspections are necessary for assessing wear and tear, ensuring lease compliance, and identifying maintenance needs. Property management companies conduct thorough inspections before, during, and after tenancy periods.

These inspections help catch potential problems early, allowing for timely repairs and protecting your investment. They also maintain detailed records that can serve as valuable documentation in the event of disputes.

Legal compliance and eviction management

Navigating rental laws and eviction procedures can be challenging, but property management companies are well versed in local regulations. They guarantee your property complies with legal standards.

In cases of lease violations or nonpayment, they handle eviction proceedings professionally, following due process to recover your property quickly. Their legal expertise helps minimize stress and loss during challenging situations.

Vendor management and coordination

Managing repairs and maintenance requires coordination with various service providers. Property management companies have a network of trusted vendors who deliver quality services at competitive prices.

They handle scheduling, quality control, and payment, streamlining the process and ensuring timely completion of work. This approach to vendor management keeps your property running smoothly without unnecessary delays or expenses.

Benefits of Partnering with a Property Management Company

There are many short- and long-term benefits of partnering with a property management company. 

Short-term benefits

  • Consistent rent collection for immediate and reliable cash flow.
  • Handles tenant inquiries and maintenance issues promptly, reducing your daily workload.
  • Provides comprehensive marketing for faster tenant turnover and reduced vacancy periods.
  • Conducts thorough tenant screening to minimize risk of late payments or problematic renters.
  • Manages legal compliance and lease enforcement, protecting you from immediate liabilities.

Long-term benefits

  • Maintains property value through proactive maintenance.
  • Enhances tenant satisfaction and retention, reducing turnover and related expenses.
  • Provides strategic financial reporting and budgeting, maximizing long-term profitability.
  • Ensures compliance with evolving rental laws, safeguarding against legal issues.
  • Builds a trusted vendor network for reliable, cost-effective property management.

When to Consider Hiring a Property Management Company

There’s no right or wrong time to consider hiring a property management company. It’s based on your specific circumstances, wants, and needs. 

You should hire a property management company if managing your rental property is becoming overwhelming or if you live far away and need help overseeing daily operations. It’s also beneficial if you own multiple properties or lack the time and expertise to handle tenant screening, rent collection, and legal compliance. 

Partnering with a property management company can help ensure your investment remains profitable by reducing vacancies, streamlining maintenance, and addressing tenant concerns.

Final Thoughts

You’re not required to hire a property management company, but this information should lead you to at least consider this option. While property management companies do charge you a fee, you get a lot in return. It could be the key to unlocking your full potential as a rental property owner.

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