54+ Real Ways to Make Money from Home (Legitimate)


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Do you want to learn some exciting ways to make money from home? You can make an extra $1000 every month using the Internet, with legit work avoiding work from home scams.

How to make money online? You might well be aware of the thousands of the sites on the Internet claiming that you can make thousands of dollars from the comfort of your home. Many of them are scams and will need you to buy a DVD or a book to know more about it. You need to sift the grain from chaff to find really legitimate jobs out there mixed with the garbage.

Here’s a list of the top 50+ ways to make money online.  In this post, I’m listing some truly exciting and doable quick ways to make money online. They will not make you an instant millionaire, but you could be putting some extra money in your wallet within no time.

However, make sure that there is no upfront fee. There are many sites like RatRaceRebellion or FlexJobs, which offer great places for searching some online gigs. So, let’s do this!

Learning Points

  • Unusual and real ways to make money online.
  • Legit ways to make money from home without any investment.
  • How stay at home moms and dads can make extra money online.
  • Trustworthy, honest, legit and scam free home-based income opportunities.
54+ Real Ways to Make Money from Home (Legitimate)

Real & Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home Part Time or Full Time

#1. How to Make Money from Home? Online Surveys for Money

How to Make Money from Home Online Surveys for Money

Your opinion can be powerful and valuable and could help you add around 4250 a month to the home kitty. There are many free paid surveys apps like Swagbucks, which are part of a consumer research project to obtain market data.

You can register at these sites, complete online surveys using your laptop or your mobile phone to make easy money.  You then redeem these points for items offered in their catalogs, such as vouchers and gift cards and also money.

You are offering valuable input for improvement of products and services. You need to provide reliable information, as the surveys reach clients. Rest assured, your personal data is never revealed or traded.

#2. Freelancer Writing Job – Easy Ways to Make Money

Freelancer Writing Job – Easy Ways to Make Money

I’ve always advocated freelance writing to make extra bucks from home. Check out websites of other freelance writers, read their blogs and learn strategies for attracting a high paying client. In addition, join platforms like Contentmart and Upwork to find writing work and people who pay for your articles.

You can make a lot of money in freelance writing but you need to build your writing skills and your portfolio before the cash starts flowing in. For instance, you can get started with Contently or iWriter.

#3. Cake Baking

Cake Baking - home baking hustle to earn money selling your baked treats

Earn money from home. Try out a home baking hustle to earn money selling your baked treats. People don’t have the time to bake their own cakes and they don’t want to buy it from a store either. This is your golden opportunity.

You can sell them at farmers markets or get customized orders from friends, neighbors and nearby bakeries.

Be inspired by The Lemon Tree Cottage Bakery, which sold its first pumpkin roll during a church sale. Launch your online store using Shopify to offer your goodies, offering one of the easy ways to make money.

#4. Event Planner

Event Planner - you can make quick money with it

If you love planning parties, you can make quick money with it, as it is one of the great ways to make money at home. You can look out for companies that hire event planners, join trustworthy platforms like Upwork, or start your own home-based business and work from remote.  In the latter case, there’s more flexibility with work timings and payment.

If you have a university degree in hospitality, event planning or tourism, it’s an added advantage, offering ways to make extra money. You can also get a CSEP or CMP (Certified Special Events Professional or Certified Meeting Professional).

#5. Sell an Ebook to Make More Money

Sell an Ebook to Make More Money

Can you just slay your audience with your prose? Why not write an e-book for one of the quick ways to make money? There’s a lot of competition out there, but if you’re well versed with a technical subject, it still sells like hotcakes.

It’s passive income and you need to put in effort. Self-publish your books using the Amazon Kindle program or make use of Apple’s Connect. You will get a large audience for your digital book and the entry is easy, offering one of the easy ways to make money fast.

#6. Sell an Audiobook

These are voice recordings of a book and are slowly becoming more popular in the tech world. People are moving to audios and videos to learn about technical subjects. Users can listen to them on their MP3 players or on their smartphones, even through the media players on their cars, making it really convenient and a time saver.

If you’re a newbie and want to improve your financial circumstances, I’d suggest you first create an e-book and then convert it into an audiobook.

Let me make it clear here that it’s not just about reading your book into a microphone. You can make use of honest platforms like Audiobook Creation Exchange hosted by Amazon, where you can contact experienced narrators. The distribution is done through Amazon and iTunes and you get the royalties, offering you a little extra cash.

#7. Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Earn from home by doing simple tasks at Amazon’s MTurk to get tiny payments. For instance, view an image and then go on to describe it. The site offers plenty of legit online data entry tasks. You’ll probably earn 10 cents for a few words. Fill out a survey for 10 cents or write out a product review to earn $2.

The advantage here is that you don’t need any special talents to get money fast. The tasks are simple. On the downside, you have to complete plenty of tasks to earn substantially. Typically, if you spend about an hour on MTurk, you can earn around $10 an hour. It’s a kind of stopgap job and you can take a break from it and return whenever you wish.

#8. Fiverr Online Gigs

Fiverr Online Gigs

How to make money on the Internet? Put your service on display for $5, being one of the best ways to make money from home. Are you good at drawing, sketching, singing, designing or any other creative task? Do you have something unique to offer? Head over to Fiverr! If it’s a valuable service, someone will buy it instantly.

Do you have a beautiful face and a voice to go with it? Make the most of it on Fiverr by offering a video testimonial for products. Do you have a perfect body? Flaunt the stuff and sell your diet plan.

#9. Get Your Money Back for Purchased Stuff

Use Paribus to get your money back after a retail purchase. Many companies offer you a refund if the price of the product drops after your purchase. But you don’t have the time or the incentive to go and check. Paribus scans receipts in your email. It checks out any changes in price for two weeks to check for refund possibilities.

The app also submits a request to the store if the price drops, retains 25% of the refund and gives you the rest. Voila! There’s your ticket to online earning.

That’s an easy one to make passive money and earn money online without registration fee or investment.  Setup an app like Shoptracker or SavvyConnect, which offer free rewards for installation and linking.

Your data is usually sold to companies and you get part of the profit. You can run several such free apps to earn around $1000 a year, being among the top ways to earn money online.

#11. Make Money with Google AdSense

Do you have a blog or a website? You can earn extra money from home. Get paid through Google AdSense when visitors click on the ads. It’s free and you get contextual ads. Google pays you when you reach $100 limit, offering you a good way to earn some extra cash.

#12. Affiliate Marketing

Would you like to earn around $50 to $100 a day? You can be an affiliate marketer for Amazon. You need a blog and some ways to get free targeted traffic. Select any of the products on Amazon to advertise to your visitors and monetize your blog or website. Amazon pays you when a visitor clicks on your link and makes a purchase through it.

#13. Earn from YouTube

Ways to Earn Extra Money from YouTube

Want to earn some extra money? If you have created an interesting video, upload it on YouTube to make money online from home.  Enable monetization for the video and ads will be displayed. Make sure to build up a substantial audience before doing this.

Get a PayPal account and other information, so that AdSense can send you the money. You get money for every click and every view as well.

#14. Traffic Exchange Sites

Visit sites and blogs through traffic exchange platforms and earn credits. Your visits are shown on the site and helps in promoting the blog or site. EasyHits4U is a popular option.

You can withdraw your money once you reach $3. You get paid 0.3 cents for visiting 1000 sites. You can even earn a bonus by referring the link and getting them to sign up, to get commissions.

#15. Captcha Solving

Do you have a computer? If so, check out one of the best side jobs for extra money. Earn money by captcha solving. Many businesses pay for recognition of captcha images. Join captcha entry sites like Kolotibablo, connecting customers and workers. You have to enter the text shown and earn for correctly entered tasks.

Captcha solving offers a simple and honest as well as guaranteed means of additional income. Of course, the work is a little monotonous and there are no big bucks involved in this.

However, there are no scams and you receive all the money that you have honestly earned. It is a great entry point for Internet earners. The sites have customers sending them captchas that they want recognized. You save their time and they are ready to pay for it.

#16. Play Games

Earn money for playing online games

You cannot make a living, but it’s a great means to make money online no investment and for getting some extra cash. Check out free sites like Swagbucks or CashDazzle to earn money for playing online games on the site. You can also enter the daily sweepstakes and draws to win the prize money. This is one way to make a lot of money.

Some of the apps and sites also ask you to view some ads for collecting tokens before you start playing the addictive games and win prizes. There are different categories of games, such as arcade ones and word games and so on. They hold tournaments and feature many popular games.

#17. Online Work from Home Consultancy

If you have a blog and are an authority in your niche with a good following, how about offering an online coaching and consultancy service as part of a telecommute job?

Give help and advice and be a mentor to your visitors and make additional income. Deliver quality content and people will flock to you for hiring you as a coach. Many people are looking out for guidance and answers to their questions, instead of just reading a manual. It’s a great option for stay at home dads.

Try publishing your stuff with Kindle books, so that people recognize you as an authority. You cannot just put up a banner on your site saying, ‘I am a coach, do hire me’.

#18. Write an eBook Review to Increase Household Income

Do you have a flair for writing? Work at home and get paid to write your opinions or observations on ebooks. For instance, at the US Review of Books, you just have to write about 250 to 300 words, offering a summary and your insights. You can select titles and the site matches you to a suitable project.

#19. Information Products

Do you have some useful information to pass on, tips, and strategies to improve people’s lives? Offer a video, an ebook or a webinar, a membership site and so on. Visitors can download the video or the audio and, order products from your site. Save your digital information on the cloud or have a backup, while considering this best money making idea from home.

Find a niche market and begin with your interests. Check out different categories on Clickbank and create your resource.

Exciting ways to make money from home, make an extra $1,000 every month

#20. Swagbucks

Why not try Swagbucks to make extra money from home? It offers a great reward program for tasks like watching a video, taking a survey, shopping online, answering a survey. Redeem points with Amazon or Walmart gift cards or just get cash with PayPal.

You’ll be impressed to learn that Swagbucks has paid $100 million to users in the form of rewards. In fact, it’s a dream home based work.

#21. Review a Website – Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Try out User Testing where you have to visit sites and spend some time on the site, make a search, do some navigation, capture the visit on their online recorder, talk about your experience and so on. Website owners pay for testing the user friendliness and other aspects of their site.

#22. Get Paid to Workout

Is your New Year resolution to work out and be fit? Make money at home legitimately. There are apps that offer you inspiration to get in shape.

Use Apps like PACT that helps you make a pact with yourself for following a healthy diet and exercise pattern. You pay other members if you don’t fulfill your pact and if you do reach them, others pay you.

#23. Rating Pizzas

Rating Pizzas - one of the scam free legitimate home-based work

Rate the local Papa Johns and get $5 along with a free pizza. You have to rate their quality, the delivery service and so on.

Get approved and then start finding assignments for your area. Just register with The Source to get started on becoming a field agent and start searching for projects.

You can earn around $5 for a report along with pizza reimbursement. This is one of the scam free legitimate home-based work.

#24. Get Paid for Using your Phone

You surely have an Android or an iPhone. Make use of it for performing simple tasks and get paid for it. Take a selfie while drinking coffee at Starbucks, or a verification of a closed road, picture of a restaurant menu and so on.

With apps like Junowallet, you can earn Amazon or iTunes gift cards. Earn more rewards by inviting friends using your invite code.

#25. Take Language Classes Online

How can a housewife make money from home - Take Language Classes Online

How can a housewife make money from home? There is a high demand for teaching the English language in Asia. Become a freelance language teacher using a site like Italki.com.

These are online classroom platforms for teachers and students to meet each other. You can offer lessons, set your price and students can opt for a lesson. You could probably make around $15 an hour on an average.

#26. Maintain a Social Page

Become a social media editor or manager of a social fan page. The work involves creating a local strategy, monitoring and reporting, increasing engagement and traffic, conversions and so on.

Upload your resume on sites like indeed.com to find full time or part time opportunities at various levels, entry; mid-level and senior levels and for different locations. It is part of the legitimate work at home jobs.

#27. Make Money by Renting Out your Car

I recently heard about Turo, where you can rent your car and get paid. You just need to enter details of the city, the airport address, the time duration and list your car, uploading some good photos and describing it. You get notifications as soon as a request comes in and you can confirm or decline it. Just sit back and watch the money roll in.

#28. Sit in a Virtual Courtroom

Work in a mock jury site from home

Do you have a penchant for legal rules and regulations? Be an ejuror. Work in a mock jury site from home. Attorneys seeking feedback on cases look for people similar to the real jury.

You can sign up with companies like JuryTalk.com or eJury.com, offering these services online to a lawyer. You could get paid around $10 to $60. When a lawyer needs a juror matching your profile, he contacts you.

#29. View Ads on PTC Sites and Earn Money Online

Register at a Paid to Click site to get paid small amounts for watching an ad. It just takes a short time and you could earn anywhere from a $100 to $250 a month if you join a genuine PTC site. You don’t need any special skills either, apart from basic computer skills.

Such options are very suitable as online jobs for college students and homemakers. Open an account with Clixsense or Neobux and login every day to view ads that are available.

  • Get Paid to Read Ads with Top 8 Legit PTC Sites

Looking to earn some extra money online selling Bitcoins

Sell the cryptocurrency, as there is no central authority for controlling the transactions. Anyone can participate in it. Create your account on Coinbase or LocalBitcoins and instantly start buying some Bitcoins with just a click. You can even buy for a small amount like $100 to start with.

For selling, you can directly trade with others using Coinbase. Mention the quantity of bitcoins you wish to sell on the Sells page and select your BTC wallet, being one of the top 50 ways to make cash.

#31. Part Time Bookkeeping

How does earning around $60 an hour sound? You can work from home. Also, you needn’t have a CPA for succeeding. All you need is computer skills. You can join platforms like Upwork to find online bookkeeping jobs, where you have to keep track of financial transactions, posting the information on accounting software, using invoices and receipts and so on.

#32. Rent Out your RV

You probably bought this awesome RV for a camping trip, but don’t have much use for it now. Turn it into cash by renting it through sites like RVshare.

The amount you might earn depends on the vehicle, your location and so on. But the average rates for good vehicle models are around $185 to $375 for a night, in Florida. You can check out the approximate rates as well in RVshare.

#33. Drive around Town

Why not start driving with Lyft? The demand is crazy and all you need is to be above 21 years old with a driving license and your own car. You could earn around $750 in a week and do it at your own leisure time. You can even work weekends, or not. Along with Lyft, you could even become an Uber contractor.

#34. Be a Search Engine Evaluator

Sit at home in your pajamas and start fixing search engine results. Let me explain. Search engines throw up pages relevant to your keywords by using algorithms. But even search engines make blunders. You as a human could fix these errors. Check out the results and see whether they are relevant and useful.

Companies usually pay around $12 to $15 for an hour. Spoiler Alert: You may need to take some qualifying tests, but they’re not too difficult. Check out Leapforce and Lionbridge to find such jobs.

#35. Make Money by Selling Old Clothes

Selling old clothes online

You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s a $16 billion industry. You don’t have to lug it down to a consignment store and nor do you have to list your old clothes on eBay, though these options still exist.

There are many apps like Poshmark where you can buy and sell clothes. You can sell branded clothes like Tory Burch and also low-priced ones like H&M.

I know someone who started making $5000 a month and has quit her corporate market job. You don’t have to do that. Just saying.

Unbelievably true! You can make cash out of your trash. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Check out those wine bottles, old magazines, coke bottles, unwanted coupons, moving boxes, printer cartridges and ink cartridges, among others.

For instance, you could get started with InkjetCartridge.com, where they offer$1 or $2 or even gift certificates if you bring them in. Sell old magazines on eBay and unwanted moving boxes at BoxQuest.com.

#37. Get Money Fast by Massaging Animals

Make extra money massaging pets

Pet massage might sound odd, but cats and dogs also enjoy a massage just like you and me. If you love to spend time with the furry species, why not try this option.

Get some basic training like the CMT program by Equissage.com, or just check out YouTube videos on pet massage to know the proper techniques.  You could make around $50 an hour. Some states might require licensing so check out the regulations.

#38.  Influencer Marketing Job

You can work through your blog or directly. Izea offers a kind of influencer marketing job, offering a platform for influencers and brands to meet each other.

You just have to blog or tweet, take some pictures and videos for promoting brands and you get paid for it. Of course, you need to increase your Twitter following to increase revenue with your tweets.

#39. Customer Service

Find a virtual customer service job at CareerBuilder.com and Upwork. If you’re good at communication skills and more importantly, listening to others’ concerns, you can be efficient as a customer service agent.

You can work at a Call center from home, becoming one of the home agents, answering phones and email queries. You can be a virtual concierge, a client coordinator, a virtual front desk receptionist, patient care associate working for hospitals and medical centers. The options are limitless to make money from home with such jobs.

#40. Make Money as a Blogger

Make money from home as a blogger

I’m a blogger and I should have mentioned this at the top of the list. Blogging is completely legitimate and straightforward and very doable too. You need patience and discipline to write everyday. You also need a good amount of traffic for this home-based job.

Check out ProBlogger archives before you start your blog on something you are passionate about.  Earn through ads using Google AdSense or join an Affiliate program, promoting others’ products or services by putting up links and banners on your blog.

Offer a paid membership option for exclusive content, create ebooks or software and get people to buy them. The opportunities are numerous.

#41. Have a Yard Sale

You can do things the old-fashioned way and have a garage sale. Just set up a convenient time and start advertising at local venues.

You can list your sale on the local Craigslist or media sites like Nextdoor. Put up signs to find the way, set up fair pricing, payment methods etc. to make money from home.

#42. Sell Bed and Breakfast to Earn a Little Extra Money

Do you have a spare room at your place? Can you tolerate others present in your home? If so, you can make money by hosting a bed and breakfast program for travelers. Many travelers prefer such homes to mainstream environments. Offer a warm and friendly environment.

The amount you could make depends on the location, whether it is near an airport, a historic place or has other tourist attractions. List your B&B on Airbnb or BedandBreakfast.com.

#43.  Sell Fruits and Vegetables to Make Money from Home

Fruits and vegetables found at Farmers’ market are infinitely more attractive than those at the local grocery store. If you have a green thumb and have space, grow fruits, veggies and herbs to make extra income from home.

File in your application to a farmers’ market to get the necessary permission.

#44. Sell Arts and Craft Items @ Creative Ways to Earn Money from Home

Sell Arts and Craft Items to Make Money from Home

If you have the talent for creating something beautiful, you could be making some serious income with your passion. There are many outlets on the Internet like Etsy, which offers artists good money for their items.

There are several categories, ranging from gifts, and clothes to several other listings. You can also connect your website to Etsy.

#45. Be a Seamstress

Do you possess sewing skills? Put them to work to earn some extra money. Do alterations and design clothes. You can custom fit a wedding dress or create a special attire. Make bags, drapes, cushions and accessories for commercial needs.

Spread the word. Put up flyers, start a website with details of what you do and the prices. Stay in touch with others with a similar passion through the American Sewing Guild. You can also find sewing jobs at online sites like Freelancer, Indeed, Upwork etc. while attempting to make money from home.

#46. Sell Old Books to Make Some Money on the Side

Get paid to sell your old books. If you have old books that you no longer read, consider selling them. You could also buy books from garage sales and then sell them on eBay or AbeBooks.

#47. Make Money Through Car Advertising

Get paid to rent out your car space for advertising - Carvertise

You can rent out your car space for advertising. There are many companies who will pay you for it. They cover the car with an auto wrap. You just have to drive around doing your normal chores for the time period of the advertising campaign.

Connect with sites like Carvertise where drivers and companies are connected to each other and get paid to drive your car.

#48. Credit Card Reward Programs

Find a suitable card using nerdwallet, which has a suitable rewards program. For instance, if you travel a lot, select Frequentflyermiles. A cashback credit card is universally useful. If you eat out at restaurants a lot, you could opt for cards offering cash back for these expenses. Budget precisely and make sure that you are spending in the right direction to earn these rewards.

Your grocery, gas purchase and restaurant visits could actually be working towards sending your son to Harvard. However, remember that there is a reason why companies offer rewards. They want you to spend more money and are offering you an incentive to do it. The usual cashback reward is a 1%, which could amount to around $25 a month, on an average. This amounts to $300 a year.

#49. Convert Old Tech to Cash and Make Quick Money

Your beloved mobile phone has been replaced with a shiny new latest model and the old tech is sitting in your drawer, forgotten by all. Why not sell these and other old gadgets on Gazelle?

You can even earn an additional $10 for referring a friend. Gazelle buys and refurbishes your old cellphones before reselling.  You can get something even for broken devices and make easy money from home.  You could also try eBay, Craigslist or Amazon.

You might also like to check out on SellCell.com, it is one of the largest price comparison site in the US for people that want to sell their old mobile phones & tablets.

compares the prices and user ratings from all the main electronics buyers in
the US, saving the user time and hassle of visiting multiple websites.

#50. Renting Out Stuff

So, you’re not ready to sell your clothes, but you have a closet full of dresses that you never wear. Why not make some money by renting them on RentNotBuy? It’s free; they don’t charge any fees.

While we’re on it, you can also rent out other household items, like cameras or bicycles or any other kitchen equipment as well.

#51. Start a Daycare to Earn Money from Home

Begin your own daycare business to make money from home

People are always looking out for a babysitter. Why not begin your own daycare business to make money from home? Check out the insurance requirements in your state before you start.

Advertise your center at looking4daycare.com. Share information on social media, highlighting the ambience, the activities and create brand awareness.

#52. Pet Sitting an Honest Money-Making Opportunity for Stay at Home Dads and Moms

Just like babysitting, you could try pet sitting. Rover.com offers plenty of opportunities to make money with pet sitting. You can allow the pets to stay at your home and make about $30 for a night.

Narrow the search to your neighborhood when joining online platforms for pet sitting jobs. Hang out posters, send out flyers and tell your friends and acquaintances about your service.

It’s great as an introductory online job. The time commitment is also very little. You can have fun and is very suitable for moms with kids. From pet sitting, you can move on to babysitting jobs as well, as this job leads to connections with people having pets and children as well.

However, remember that you do have a high responsibility. Pets are living creatures and you must not be lax in your care, as the outcome could be a serious one.

#53. Work from Home as a Medical Transcription


Contribute towards medical records of patients by converting an audio file into a written one. You may have to work for at least 20 hours in a week.

You need good audio skills, typing skills and good language skills along with a decent understanding of medical terminology. You can also go in for an online course, such as the one offered by universalclass.com.

Contact local doctors’ offices or sign up with agencies like mtjobs.com to start.

#54. Be an Online Reseller

Do you have experience in selling products on auctions and on eBay? Once you’ve sold all the items that you don’t want (except your family dog, I hope), you have to start restocking to start selling again.

Or else, you can make a big amount of money by approaching people who want to sell their stuff and are not able to do it. They might be too busy or just don’t know how to go about it.

If you’re an active seller, you can get registered and listed at ebaytradingassistant.com. Spread the word among your friends and acquaintances.  Reselling from your home is one of the best low-cost businesses on the Internet.

However, take care to get a good reputation, as a single negative feedback could ruin it. It might deter other people from selling their goods to you, or buying from you. Buy cheap and sell high to make good profits.

Some More Ways to Make Money from Home

Wrap Around

Though the options to make money from home are many in today’s world where technology pervades every fiber of society, many people are perplexed about how to use technology to make money online.

There’s a lot of competition and sifting to find the right source that matches your talent and is genuine, authentic and legitimate can take some time. It is challenging, no doubt. You must be careful about affiliate marketing job and pyramid scheme scams.

If someone tries to sell you the millionaire pitch to make money from home, they’re just taking you for a ride. Don’t set your hopes too high. Don’t buy into media or marketing hype.

Remember that you can only make money by delivering some value to the community. Don’t focus on the quick buck or the get rich quick scheme.  Find your niche, build authority, create your audience, stick it out and then see the success come pouring in.

54+ Real Ways to Make Money from Home (Legitimate)

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