Best Websites For College Students [Money, Lifestyle, and More]


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The Best websites For College Students

Here’s our picks for the best websites and blogs for college students.

College is a crazy time. It’s the intersection of life, money, education, career, and more. It’s a time to learn, to figure out yourself, to be on your own, and to start to understand life. 

With that in mind, it’s essential to connect with like-minded people (even if only across the internet). That’s why I wanted to put together a list of the best blogs for college students. I wanted to share the best. Those blogs that are covering things that actually will make a difference if you’re in college, or even just thinking about it.

Or maybe, you just want to find other like-minded people even if you’re not in college, but just a young adult trying to figure things out. Maybe you’ve already explored our list of 101 tools and tips for college students. 

Well, here’s our other essential reading online.

Best Websites For College Students

1. College Cures

College Cures is a blog that talks about everything college. From lifestyle and travel to money and studying, you can likely find it on College Cures.

We love the goal of College Cures – to simplify, guide, and improve the college experience. The content really helps with that, and it should be a must read for anyone in college or considering college.

Check out College Cures here >>

2. Campus Grotto

Campus Grotto is another of the older blogs on this list helping students be successful in college. From helping students before college, navigating and being successful in college, to preparing for life after college, this site has it all.

They also do a great job breaking the site into two main parts: a student in college and a student preparing for college. You can get a custom experience based on what you choose.

Check out Campus Grotto here >>

3. College Info Geek

College Info Geek was one of the first college blogs I’d ever read, and I love the mission of Thomas Frank. Beyond his amazing blog, he has a phenomenal YouTube channel and a great personality for teaching you how to master college.

I love his focus on helping you learn effectively and boost your productivity, which are two key traits that will help you have a lifetime of success (beyond college). 

He also has some of the best, in-depth content, of any site you’ll find of this list. If we didn’t go alphabetical, this site would be number 1.

Check out College Info Geek here >>

4. College Life Made Easy

College Life Made Easy is exactly what it sounds like – a blog full of tips and tactics to make your college experience the best (and easiest) it can be.

From tips, to scholarships, to deals on dorm room and back to college accessories, this blog has you covered whether you’re a new college student or a returning one.

One of the differentiators here is that it has a section devoted to printables. Not my thing, but I know they are incredibly popular!

Check out College Life Made Easy >>

5. Dorm Room Biz

We love entrepreneurship in college! It’s why we host a scholarship for entrepreneurial students. It’s also why we love highlighting students who are crushing it with business while they’re in school.

If you’re curious about starting a business while you’re in school, Dorm Room Biz is a great side to provide inspiration, tactic, and more.

Check out Dorm Room Biz here >>

6. Her Campus

Looking for a college blog geared towards women? You’ve found it with Her Campus. 

This site is carefully crafted to help women navigate their college experience. From applying to college, to dorm life, to excelling in school, to finding a job after graduation – this site has it all.

Her Campus is one of the largest college blogs out there, with new content being created all the time.

Check out Her Campus here >>

7. International Student

Being an international student can be a huge challenge, and there aren’t a lot of resources for international student. Even though colleges host international students, even their resources can be lacking.

International students face a whole host of challenges that regular students can’t imagine, from paying for college (think international student loans), to securing housing, even paying for things in the United States can be a challenge.

Luckily, the International Student blog exists and answers these questions and more!

Check out International Student here >>

8. The Student’s Mind

College is one of the few life changing moments in life for people. Moving away from home, changing relationships, new environment, and more. As such, there’s a lot to feel and think about – but it can be hard to talk about. That’s why I love this blog about mental health – the positives and negatives, how to deal, stories, and more.

With student loan debt causing depression and even leading to suicide, having an outlet that’s safe to learn and understand is invaluable.

This should be a read for everyone, whether you’re experiencing challenges or not.

Check out The Student’s Mind here >>

Other Helpful Websites

There are more tools and resources out there beyond these 10 blogs. 

We really enjoy the College Sub-Reddit (if you’re not a Redditor yet, why not? And follow us on Reddit at /r/thecollegeinvestor.

Another one that is hopefully inspirational to college students is Millennial Money Man. This guy used to be a band teacher, and now is self employed and crushing it. Young adults should aspire to this.

Finally, check out our guide of 101 Essential Resources for College Students. It covers everything from money and financial aid, to life and saving money on textbooks!

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