How to Make Money Online Using the Internet


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It’s a breeze to make money online without investment. The Internet has become a honey pot of online jobs. I’ve listed several moneymaking ideas in this post, as you can now earn money online in several ways.

How to make money on the Internet? Many of us have not yet tapped into this source of money. Some are wary thinking it might be too complicated, others worry that they might not possess the professional skills required.

You must have heard of people making an online earning by writing blogs; creating websites; getting freelance jobs and so on.

How to earn money online? I’m about to show you how you can make easy money through the Internet even without great writing or professional skills. And the icing on the cake is that all these are legit ways of making money online.

20 Quick Ways to Make Money Online Using the Internet

#1) Get Paid to Click/Read Ads

These jobs are easy and are online jobs without investment and registration fees.  Payment is usually made through a PayPal or a Payza account in dollars. You could easily make around $300 a month, merely by devoting a few hours a day.

The PPC job or Pay per Click jobs involves simple clicks. Your account gets credited with $0.001 to around $2 for a single ad clicking.

  • Register at PTC sites (paid to click).
  • You will receive emails containing the ads URL, say around 10 – 50 sites per day.
  • Open the sites and click on the ads that are seen on the URL.
  • How to make extra money? Many of these sites offer survey jobs along with clicking ones, so you can get double the advantage.
  • Check out genuine or trusted sites for Ad click jobs.
  • When you make money online without investment by clicking ads, refer friends and get affiliate earnings.
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#2) How to Make Money Online with Work from Home Data Entry Jobs

How to Make Money Online with Work from Home Data Entry Jobs

Online data entry jobs without investment is a broad category. The jobs range from electronic data processor to word processors to coders and transcribers.

It’s a lucrative work from home online job. These are micro tasks where you can make money filling out forms.

Companies needing these services make use of micro job sites to find people to do the task. For instance, Mechanical Turk (Amazon) is a popular site offering such micro jobs.

It’s a crowdsourcing technique, where you can work for a small fee. The model has become very popular and you could be paid for this part time typing work:

  • An hourly rate
  • Rate per word
  • Paid per project
  • No of keystrokes per hour/minute
  • No of audio per minute

The work could also involve verifying or editing data. There are no special skills needed, but the payment is quite low. It all depends on your speed of work.

Some data entry jobs, such as medical transcription need additional certification. Remember to keep away from scams.

#3) Get Paid to Write Guest Posts

If you’re a freelance writer, you could take off your career with a paid guest post for an online part time job.  The payment is much better than regular content writing.

With an excellent write-up, you could attract more clients, followers, more authority. It offers the best way to make money online.

Top sites will pay around $50 per guest post.

  • Some sites require you to be registered with certain programs or sites before you begin your guest pitch.
  • Read the guest post guideline of the sites before you approach them.
  • Some sites hold Pitch festivals where you can send in your post.
  • Submit a specific pitch instead of a generic one. For instance: ‘Top 10 smart phones for Photography lovers’ is better than ‘The Best Smart Phones’.
  • Check out latest industry news and trends and discussions in blogs.

#4) Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

You get paid for promoting products/services of a business. For instance, if you sign up with Amazon Affiliate program and promote their products through your blog or website, you can earn a commission when visitors to your blog make a purchase through a link from your site.

  • Easy way to link up a buyer to a seller.
  • You just have to copy codes and place then on your blog. Visitors get redirected to the seller’s site.
  • You get an affiliate ID and can track your commission statistics.
  • Payment could be made for:
  • Payment each sale
  • Payment each click (whether or not a sale is made)
  • Payment for leads (when visitors give information to the seller site)
  • Select a few good products and see that they are relevant to your blog/site. Select the correct merchant.
  • Research the product and choose ones that are in good demand.

All blogs have comment boxes, so that visitors can leave their comments under a post. The blog is considered more popular, if it has more comments in it.

You can also add links in your comments and this is where the juice lies. Bloggers are ready to pay you for placing a link.

Now, get this straight. No one is going to pay you thousands of dollars for this. You could probably earn 30 cents to $2 for a comment. You could make around $20 an hour.

  • Negotiate the rate in advance.
  • You have to read the post to write a relevant comment.
  • You must provide your name (you can use keywords with it); an email address and your website.

#6) Make Money Buying and Selling Domains (Domain Flipping)

Make Money Buying and Selling Domains (Domain Flipping)

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I’ve read some exciting stories of how someone bought a domain for just $10 some years ago, and have now sold it for millions of dollars. But you need to chase the right ship. Some domain names are worth a lot.

For instance, or Many people register these domain names and then hoard them, to sell them at a high profit.

  • It could be a part time business, but don’t expect to make millions overnight.
  • There are still several good domain names out there, not yet taken. Today, around 90 million of .com domains are registered.
  • Use tools for finding good domain names
  • Use accredited domain name registrars (For example: GoDaddy).
  • It’s legal to squat on your registered domain name. You can compare it with buying real estate properties.

#7) Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

If you have a talent for writing, transcription or proof reading, this should be right up your alley. You need to type out thousands of words a day, but you could very well make it into a full time job Monday through Friday.

  • Write in your blog and connect with your target audience. Create sidebar ads, a donate button or add a link with Hire me!
  • Write a guest post and get paid.
  • Write a novel and publish it chapter by chapter on your blog.
  • Register at content writing sites. There are many good content writing platforms out there.
  • Apply for copy writing site jobs and start writing product copies or press releases.

#8) Work From Home Online Paid Surveys

Paid survey-opinion-research-voting-fill forms

There are these sites that act as agents for big brands who are interested in consumers’ survey of their products. You can communicate through these sites and share your opinion on online surveys for money.

The feedback helps companies to improve their service and create a user-friendlier product/service. You are free to offer both positive and negative feedback.

All you will need to make money with online surveys:

  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • Registering at free to join survey sites

#9) Get Cash for Reviewing Apps or Websites

Get Cash for Reviewing Apps or Websites

Do you know that you can get paid for test-driving a new app. You don’t have to be stationed in Silicon Valley to do this.

There are thousands of apps being churned out every month. There are companies who pay you to test a new app.

Developers need to check out whether their app is user friendly and the best way is to get people in the real world use it.

  • For instance: (developers of the famed Candy Crush Saga, in case you didn’t know) brings out a new game app. They go to a company like Elusive Stars to get their app tested by real world users.
  • You register at the same site by registering your mobile phone. You can use an iOS or Android device to become a beta tester.
  • King decides on who tests their app and the device used for testing.
  • If you are selected, you get an email notification.
  • You just install the application, use it and then provide your feedback to get paid.

#10) Graphic Designing Business

It’s a very popular source of online income. You could earn around $4 to about $20 for a design. With experience, you can earn around $1000 in a day.

The demand for the job is high, with all websites and businesses requiring logos and ads. You’ll soon be able to create a logo within 10 minutes.

It’s a great online job for teens and you can earn money online without paying for students.

  • Begin with designing a logo or an ad at a reputed design marketplace.
  • There are sites like Fiverr, where you can get buyers for your logos. (The site takes a cut on your sales).
  • You can sell more if you get good reviews.

#11) Auction Items on eBay

Auction Items on eBay

Auction and eBay is like bread and butter. It’s so simple and almost anyone can do it to earn some extra bucks. You can start by selling the junk in your basement and then go to auctions and purchase items to sell on eBay.

    • Sell using your smartphone or a laptop.
    • Select the category, give a title to the product and then describe it.
    • Give the item a price and then schedule the time for the auction to begin. You can start the time immediately or schedule it for a weekend or Sunday evening.
    • Do your research by searching for similar items sold in auctions. Go to Advanced Search and type the product keyword and then check the Sold listings.

#12) Social Marketing for Businesses

Social Marketing for Businesses

Expenditure on social media had grown to $10.9 billion in 2015 from $7 billion in 2014, with a 55% growth a year.

Companies are finding it difficult to get experts, so they need outside help to manage and to moderate their pages, and take advantage of social media to promote their product/service.

The demand is tremendous and even beginners can make around $100 an hour.

    • You already have social media accounts, such as Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn.
    • Setting up Facebook pages.
    • Managing Twitter accounts.
    • You need to understand the way social media works at a macro level and the inner workings of each of them.
    • Learn how to use these features to get new leads for your clients and convert them into sales.

#13) Translation Work

Translators - Translation Work

It’s an emerging source of money on the Internet. There are many sites where you will find thousands of translators from all over the world, supporting several languages.

You will normally be able to earn around $8 an hour, but with expertise, you can reach up to $20 an hour.

Most sites also follow weekly payment schedules using PayPal. Some sites even have mobile apps, so you can work while on the go.

    • Register yourself with an online jobs hiring site, and create a profile for translation jobs. Some sites are free while you may have to make an initial payment to use all the features and services.
    • Search for the languages that you know on these portals connecting clients with translators.
    • Your profile will be listed in the directory and will be available for bidding.
    • If you become popular, clients will start contacting you directly on the site and you can earn money online by typing.

#14) Build a Niche Blog

Start a Blog

You can actually blog for a living.

    • Select a niche by picking something that you are competent in, not just because it has a huge potential. For instance, Health and Nutrition is a great blogging niche to make money, but be honest. Do you have what it takes to offer worthwhile content?
    • Register your domain name with a good domain registrar or you can run it on a free platform like WordPress or Blogger.
    • Produce quality content and establish yourself as an authority on the subject.
    • Make money through ads, affiliate marketing of products/services of other sites, selling your own product or service; selling a sponsored post, etc.
    • Affiliate marketing is great for beginners and is one of the best ways to make money from home.

#15) Email Marketer

Email Marketer

It’s a super simple means of making money online. That’s because of the number of people using email.

There are more than 4.6 billion of email addresses with 144.8 billion mails being sent on a daily basis.

    • Create a bait for people to sign up so that you get an email list.
    • Offer incentives, like free eBooks, eCourses, tips, coaching, to give visitors value. Create products.
    • Use tools like Aweber to set up an email list and then set up an autoresponder for sending emails when someone signs up.
    • Use popups to increase the opt in rates. Write reviews and share them with you readers.
    • Make money with affiliate marketing. Include complementary products or services in your email list.
    • Get paid subscriptions.

#16) Captcha Typing Jobs

Captcha Typing Jobs

If you’re a fast typist, there are several sites where you could make money by Captcha solving. Captcha is used as a human verification so that a bot doesn’t impersonate a person.

Several companies have to signup to thousands of sites a day, so they need humans to read the Captcha.

They send these images to you and you have to enter the characters accurately. You can earn about $1 to $2 for 1000 captchas.

#17) Making Money from YouTube

Make Money from YouTube

YouTube is among the top websites of the world. There’s no investment needed for this and you can make money online fast, from day one.

    • Create a YouTube account, upload videos.
    • If it is catchy or sensational, you can earn hundreds of dollars quickly.
    • Monetize your channel using AdSense and make fast and easy money.
    • Affiliate marketing: Create videos for products and link descriptions. You can earn a commission for each sale.

#18) Publish an eBook

Publish e-book

eBooks are now selling like hot cakes. You can read them using Kindle or even your smartphone. You don’t need a publisher or a bookstore for selling your book, so you get all the profits.

    • Create your own website for selling eBooks online.
    • Create a PayPal link for payment.
    • Readers who visit your site use the download link and purchase the book.
    • Use 3rd party sites like Amazon, though there is a commission involved here.

#19) FBA Business (Fulfilled by Amazon)

You can increase online sales using Amazon’s delivery options.

    • Send your products to the fulfillment center and it is packed and shipped to the destination.
    • It increases trust in your brand

#20) Make Money as an Online Tutor

Make Money as an Online Tutor

If you have the knowledge in Math or Science or a foreign language, etc. become an online tutor. There are several websites for online tutor jobs. Join them and interact with students using Skype, etc. for online tutoring jobs.

There is no such thing as making money the easy way. Just don’t believe in it. I’m not offering you a magic wand to turn dust into money.

These are not ways for becoming rich overnight, as all these jobs are highly competitive ones. But with a little bit of effort and focus, you could well be on your way to financial stability and success with these online jobs. Use these 20 money making ideas as a kind of inspiration to get you started.

The real advantage is that these are simple ways to make money online and you’ll be working from home and can dictate your working hours.

20 Quick Ways to Make Money Online Using the Internet

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