How to Sell Clothes Online and Make a Profit


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If you’ve been looking into how to sell clothes online, you’ve probably come across some conflicting information.

Believe it or not, there’s nothing strange about this. These days, your options for selling clothes online are practically limitless.

The reason behind this phenomenon is simple: clothing is an incredibly versatile product. If you need to clean out your closet or sell your kids’ outgrown clothes, you can do so anytime.

Alternatively, you can start a business by reselling products you buy at your local thrift store.

Want to find out how to sell clothes more efficiently? Here are five sites that you should keep in mind.

#1. Poshmark

If you want to be a part of a social marketplace, Poshmark should be near the top of your list.

Like any other consignment shop, Poshmark lets people buy and sell clothes to each other. You use your phone to upload photos and set prices. The company takes a $2.95 commission for sales under $15, and 20 percent for sales over that amount.

What makes Poshmark different than other online stores? The social aspect! By allowing you to connect with other buyers and sellers, Poshmark creates a strong sense of community.

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#2. ThredUp

Selling clothes on ThredUp is simple enough. The company will mail you a prepaid bag, which you then fill with clothes and send back. Once they determine the value, they’ll pay you upfront via PayPal, Visa or store credit.

In some cases, ThredUp will simply consign your clothes and pay you after they sell. This usually happens if you’re selling off-season clothing. Also, keep in mind that they only take women’s and kids’ clothes.

#3. Pretty Small Shoes

As the name implies, this site is mostly oriented towards fashionable small-size shoes. For example, Pretty Small Shoes size 2 UK womens shoes are quite popular these days.

Though they won’t buy clothes from you, you can exchange any shoes you’ve bought from them. All you need is the order number and you’re good to go!

#4. Tradesy

This site is a lot like Poshmark, except it takes a 19.8 percent commission. The main difference is that they only take women’s clothing and accessories.

Oh, and did we mention that they specialize in weddings? If you’re looking for a place to sell a wedding gown or a bridesmaid dress, you know where to look. They even take wedding decorations and stationery!

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#5. The RealReal

This consignment company only accepts certain luxury brands. You can choose between free shipping and in-home pickup, but you don’t get to set your own prices. After authenticating your items, the company will sell them via their “flash sales”.

The commission will depend on the selling price, but it’s never less than 50 percent. For sales totaling $10.000 or more, the company will take 70 percent of the proceeds.

More Tips on How to Sell Clothes

As you probably know, selling clothes is just one way of making money online. If you’d like to know more about this particular topic, go ahead and check out our site.

Do you have a preferred online store that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments!

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