How to Start a Gift Wrapping Business from Home


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A book is known by its cover!! If you’re good at wrapping gifts, why not consider a home-based gift wrapping business. You can work at home offering a professional gift-wrap service. Gift packaging is very much in demand, especially during holiday seasons.

I needn’t stress the importance of gift-wrapping. It ensures the surprise element of the gift and adds an exquisite personal touch to the simplest of gifts.

If you’re planning to run the gift wrapping business from home, you can eliminate much of the gift-wrapping business startup costs. You don’t need to rent space, go in for permits and so on.

All you need is some workspace at home, cash for the basic inventory and marketing expenses as well as the general business licensing as per your state regulations.

This gift wrapping business industry has evolved with time and is now a serious business. People are never going to stop giving gifts.

Apart from that, the corporate sector has also taken to branding very seriously and is looking for exquisite corporate gift wrapping in their launches and events. The market potential is huge.

Learning Points

  1. How to start a gift wrapping service
  2. How much does gift wrapping startup cost?
  3. Skills needed for starting a gift wrap service

How to Start Gift Wrapping Business from Home? Permits or Licenses

Contact the local county clerk office to check out whether you need any license. Check out whether you need to pay sales tax and obtain the sales tax number in your state.  For instance, gift-wrapping businesses include a sales tax in California.

Next Steps

  • Check out the competition in your area as an important aspect of your gift wrapping business plan.
  • Locate suppliers, both locally as well as online suppliers of boxes, ribbons etc.
  • See if you can add other services to your gift wrapping business, such as selling gift boxes, balloons, special containers before you wrap the gift.
  • If you feel your gift wrapping business from home does not have a good visibility, you could consider renting a small space in a pop up store for a short lease.
  • Make sure that you have good practice in wrapping odd shaped gifts as well. In fact, there are many ideas available on the Internet and you can learn different methods of wrapping.
how to start gift wrapping business from home

Calculating Expenses/Pricing @ Gift Packaging Business

Add all costs for the gift wrapping business before deciding on pricing and see if it is a sustainable and profitable business model.

The business is mostly dependent on holiday gift-wrap, with Christmas wrapping topping the list.  For instance, you could get the maximum demand from November to December.

  • Advertising
  • Internet connection
  • Materials: It includes paper; cellophane; ribbons, tissue, tags, labels, craft wire, and other decorations. Boxes (if you are also offering gift boxes as part of the service at an additional charge)

(Hint: Buy xmas wrapping paper and others wholesale. Find dollar stores nearby or a clearance store selling the best wrapping paper, ribbons etc. cheaply. Don’t overstock, because trends keep changing and storage space could become a problem. Gift Wrapping paper is the major item, so check out wholesalers offering good quality paper at low prices to get more profits. )

  • Gas expenses if you’re delivering the packages
  • Consider the money spent on phone queries; meeting clients, etc.
  • Decide on pricing. You can divide it into small packages; medium sized ones and larger ones. The prices should be enough to cover the costs incurred, but be reasonable. Find out the local prices and try beating them.
  • You could charge around $30 to about $50 for large wrappings in your gift wrapping business.

For instance, this could be for special gift packaging that is placed as the centerpiece of a wedding. In case of ordinary wrappings, you could earn around $3 to about $10, depending on the size, the shape and other additional decorative items added.

  • If you’re offering a full time service for individuals, weddings, corporate gift baskets and so on, you could earn around $40,000 a year. But if you’re dependent on seasonal business, you could make around $100 per day. Reduce charges for bulk orders and offer seasonal discounts for regular customers.
gift wrapping business from home

Skills You Need: How to Make Gift Baskets?

If you have a natural flair or talent for wrapping, it’s a boon, but we cannot all be gifted. Not to worry, you can still be successful in this business.

  • Develop a taste for decor and colors.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Be creative. Make your packaging unique, so that you create a reputation for your own style. Be neat and take your time to begin with. Add unique touches, such as a bell, a sticker or small figures to set them apart.
  • Know your clients.
  • Ask questions while taking orders.
  • Use environmentally friendly material. For instance, you could use recycled paper and accessories. Add a natural touch to it using acorns or pine-cones on the outside.
  • Get templates that you can download for custom wrapping paper and custom gift-wrap orders and check out some catchy phrases for gift-wrapping.
  • You can attend classes or view some online videos or DVDs. No one is prepared to shell out hard earned money for unprofessional work. Learn how to wrap odd shaped or asymmetrical shaped items. Get training to add that professional gift wrapping touch. You could initially work with someone to get more knowledge about the business.

Corporate Clients

While considering corporate clientele in your gift wrapping business startup, think more on the lines of solid colors, a logo and the business colors.

You can use the letterhead of the company or their annual reports. Use items like key chains that show the company logo or other company related embellishments for custom gift wrapping service.

christmas gift wrapping

Making the Pitch

This is surely not the time to play shy. Start with your family and friends. Use word of mouth to spread the word about your new gift basket. Inform teachers or businesses in your area, church members and so on.

You can also use the Social media way. It’s your best bet for free promotions.

  • Post pictures of your latest work on your gift packaging business page
  • Offer discounts
  • Post on Pinterest, create a variety of boards to suit different occasions and seasons
  • Create a professional profile on LinkedIn
  • Create a YouTube channel showcasing your gift wrapping talents
  • Consider creating a blog, where you can write about the latest gift-wrapping ideas, recommending wrapping supplies, themes, where you can buy them etc.

In addition, print flyers and brochures and distribute them. You can also download printable wrapping boxes or bags and print on them for personalized wrapping paper, using a printer at home. Put up the fliers at grocery stores or in community centers and at Laundromats.

Gift wrapping at home offers a brilliant and interesting business opportunity. Be warned, Christmas gift wrapping is peak time, so you need enough resources and time. Be inspired and turn this simple gift wrap craft into the most profitable business right from your home.

Keep up with trends and personalize your business, so that people start flocking towards you.

How to Start a Gift Wrapping Business from Home

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