Learn & Earn Profits Online: An Honest Review


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Welcome to my little spot on the web. 🙂 I write about how to earn passive income, mostly through blogging and digital products. Because MRR has been such a hot topic lately – Master Resell Rights, not Monthly Recurring Revenue – I want to address my thoughts on the most popular options.

This is an honest review of the online course Learn and Earn Profits Online (LEPO). This MRR digital marketing course promises to teach you about digital marketing, making digital products, taking your “online business game to the next level,” and more… depending on who you’re talking to about it.

But, did it deliver? TL;DR: nope. I do not recommend Learn & Earn Profits as a business.

Whether you want to do this as a side business or you want to build up a full-time income, I highly recommend looking into LEPO in depth before taking a leap and spending such a big amount of money. I dug into this course so you can get the Cliff’s Notes version… but heads up, it’s long!

I want to be as detailed as possible to prevent you from purchasing LEPO it’s not something you need – and to give you the information needed if you do want to purchase it. 🙂

Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I earn a commission when you make a purchase through them. 🙂 Click to learn how to increase your affiliate earnings on your own blog.

Intro to Digital Marketing

This is the first lesson I saw when looking into LEPO and it made me think the whole thing was junk. No offense to the guy who narrated, it’s just that the content was blah.

It’s pretty dry teaching about digital marketing and reminds me a lot of the college courses I took (and dropped out of because I was bored to tears). 

slide from LEPO explaining what social media is

Clear audio and slides, but as far as using it as PLR? It’s a man is speaking so it’s not something I’d usually put in my membership. There is no image of him talking – which I understand because it’s MRR/PLR, but it makes it less engaging. It doesn’t take much effort to create a slideshow with a voice over. I can do it myself in a small amount of time, using a small amount of energy, and yield much better results.


The next section walks you through setting up Systeme.io, which is a solid platform but not the one I use so I skipped these videos other than a skim. These videos were narrated by a woman, which would resonate more with my audience if I wanted to use them in a training.

They recommend GoDaddy, which is more expensive – for no reason at all. GoDaddy charges $20 for the first year, while NameCheap charges $10. I much prefer NameCheap. 

GoDaddy pays their affiliates better, so I imagine this has something to do with this recommendation. Just a hunch.

The initial advice given in this module, to choose a .com instead of a .net or .co is solid. However, she then goes through looking at .tv and .shop domains.

The course advises to brand your name rather than keywords like “passive income.” While this is a possible path, if you’re going to build this business to sell later on, you want to avoid using your name as your .com.

I will say these videos are all very easy to follow, and it’s all very step by step, including:

  • Connecting your domain and email
  • Creating a funnel
  • Adding FAQs
  • How to link Stripe and PayPal
  • Connecting your domain
  • And more

Email Marketing

This course includes training on how to use ChatGPT to help write your email copy for effective email campaigns. She teaches about writing a nurture sequence and warming up non-buyers to turn them into buyers.

screenshot of Using ChatGPT to Write Your Emails lesson from LEPO course

One thing I noticed is that in the video, Michelle Spark is going through a Google Doc – but there’s no way to access it inside of the Hustle Hive Hub (which is how I accessed these MRR products). 

The Doc and templates look solid, and access to them would be helpful. She shares prompts she got from somewhere else, and have worked well for her.

She dives into the AIPRM inside of ChatGPT and shows some of the amazing features of this Google Chrome extension. 

The rest of the email marketing lessons go through how to set up your campaigns from a step-by-step standpoint, in Systeme.io. If you’re using MailerLite or another email platform, these lessons won’t do you much good.

Content Strategy

Because content strategy is one of my areas of expertise, I wasn’t sure if I’d learn anything from these modules. I went in with an open mind.

The training is decent, I guess… for beginners. They gave examples like:

I help [your person] with [results they want] through [your offer].

I help [these people] with [this thing] without [sacrificing this].

Nothing groundbreaking, right? But, newbies need to work through this if they want to be successful online. You have to know who you’re talking to. 

screenshot of the Mastering Your Branding Marketing Message from the MRR Learn and Earn Profits Online

You can’t just throw spaghetti at the wall every single day and serve everyone. If you try serving everyone, you’ll serve no one.

screenshot of the definition of parable from LEPO MMR course

A lot of the advice is fairly generic, but from what I watched, it wasn’t anything I’d stand 10 toes down against. The issue I have is that this course is expensive AF and all of the info is easily found on YouTube.

I do love that the course teaches not to be neutral and to share your thoughts and opinions – even if others disagree.

Screenshot of Income Claim Dos and Don't from Learn and Earn Profits Online MRR course

I also love that the training covers the difference between “baiting” and “inspiring” – yet every post I’ve seen about this product falls under the “baiting” side of things. I even had to create a rule in my group that we are NOT talking about MRR because every single person who has talked about it has been so damn spammy.

This is what left a bad taste in my mouth about these products, so it’s crazy to see that they literally have a whole lesson saying NOT to do it – and how TO do it the right way. People just ignored it, apparently, to try and make fast cash.

The last lesson in the Content Strategy module teaches you how to create a Content Calendar, which can be helpful when you’re trying to make money online. Consistency is key.

Platforms to Market On

The first lessons talk about using your personal profile to market your business, how to create a Facebook banner, how to make posts, etc. The website she mentions in this video doesn’t exist anymore. Bad sign?

“Join Facebook groups” is the advice given here (to find your target audience) by Hannah Rose. I am not a fan of this. She’s also telling everyone to friend request strangers from these groups, interacting with them, and then selling to them.

Gross. Just no. This is a fast way to get banned from my group, too.

This is not an authentic way to build a business!! And one more reason I am NOT in support of this MRR.

Friending strangers, engaging with them “authentically” in order to sell to them is, you guessed it, not very fucking authentic.

The vibe of marketing in this way is definitely my least favorite part about MRR. Imagine, someone sends you a friend request and acts interested in your life, engaging with your posts, etc. only to realize later that they were just trying to pitch you! Ick.

Please don’t do this.

Another platform they recommend advertising on is Craigslist. There’s a ton of spam on Craigslist so it’s not something I’ve used (at least in the past decade), so I can’t comment on how effective that may be. Doesn’t seem promising.

There is a lesson about SEO on TikTok that I found fascinating. When doing research for this blog post, I noticed TikTok popped up in the top search results more often than not. I can see how TikTok would be helpful with this type of business.

Branding Expansion

In these lessons, various topics are covered:

  • strategic roadmap
  • marketing plans
  • buyer personas
  • target market
  • logo vs brand
  • color communication

These lessons are helpful for brand new marketers, but barely scratch the surface if you’re already more than a few months into your digital marketing or passive income journey.

ChatGPT Masterclass

There are more than 20 lessons about ChatGPT, including: sales letter frameworks, thank you page scripts, writing headlines, launch emails, sales video scripts, and more.

If this course was recorded with a clearer screen, I could see it being a stand alone course that sells well.

While I don’t buy ChatGPT resources because there are so many online for free, I’ve built a YouTube channel, Facebook group with 15K+ members, and an entire brand around helping people learn how to use AI tools like ChatGPT, so I know it’s a much-requested topic.

The unfortunate part about this training is that the screen was blurry and I couldn’t see anything that was being typed (input or output)… and there were no scripts to copy and paste. This means that I couldn’t use it in my membership, because I’d get 100 comments and questions about “what was that prompt?” and it would defeat the purpose of using MRR if I had to recreate and type out all the prompts for everyone.

Note: This is my experience in the Hustle Hive Hub membership so I don’t know if clear docs are provided inside of LEPO.

Affiliate Marketing

I have an affiliate marketing course of my own, so I was excited to dive into this module about affiliate marketing.

screenshot of the Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing lesson inside Learn & Earn Profits Online MRR course

While the information was very top level, I’m glad she said to “choose a product you are already using and LOVE and would recommend to a friend” – this is just like doing the “Grandma Test” that I talk about in my course. 🙂

PROS of Learn & Earn Profits MRR

The videos are good quality. I was not expecting that, as most MRR I’ve looked into is pretty crappy. Outside of the “Intro to Digital Marketing” which was horribly dry and not helpful, the rest of the lessons have useful tips.

screenshot of an example of putting text on a screen when posting on social media in LEPO

Some of the videos are only a minute or two long, which I really appreciate!! Something as simple as how to make sure your text on screen on TikTok is visible is actually super helpful.

The trainings cover a lot. They touch on a variety of topics, such as email marketing, content strategy, mindset, social media, ChatGPT, productivity, and more. A lot of it is top level, but it’s enough to get you started so you can dig deeper on what you really want to learn more of.

screenshot of the Learn and Earn Profits TikTok profile

This course has blown up on TikTok, with more than 4 million views on the topic. With all of these views, I do think this shows people are interested in this and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. It will get more diluted as time goes on, but this also opens it up for new creators to make better MRR products moving forward.

CONS of Learn & Earn Profits MRR

It seems almost all (if not all) of the people/websites who are resellers of this product are super spammy. Big red flag.

Another big red flag is the only other reviews I’ve found of Learn & Earn are on sites full of junk. I’m talking half set-up websites, spammy ads on the sidebars, and absolutely zero value added to this MRR product.

The content was created mid-2022 so some of it may be outdated by the time you get to it. Most of it seemed to be pretty up to date, though.

Everyone seems to be targeting the same people (stay at home moms). If you’re going to use MRR, be unique in your delivery, add your own value, and target your specific audience – not just the audience you think is the easiest to get money from.

It sounded like a lot of regurgitated information, and a bit of “this is how you do this” but it seemed pretty empty… like the person teaching it hadn’t actually walked that path yet. It’s difficult to put my finger on it and maybe they just weren’t as confident in teaching some topics, but that’s the vibe I got.

The advice given is to “go listen to podcasts and other experts, then share what you learned with your audience, so you’re seen as the expert.” While I understand the premise behind this, I feel like this is part of the problem. These folks are just resharing what they learned from others before they pour in the blood, sweat, and tears to actually learn what they’re talking about. With that being said, I think this is a popular tactic.

Much like with MLMs, most of the people who buy this MRR course won’t earn a single penny. It feels very much like “passing the buck” type thing where you spent your $500 so in order to get that money back, you’ve gotta rope someone else into spending that $500. And then rinse and repeat.

This leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially because the target audience for most people is moms.


Here are some questions people have asked me about Learn & Earn Profits and MRR in general.

What is MRR?

If you aren’t familiar with the PLR world, you may not know what MRR is. MRR stands for Master Resell Rights. A creator puts out a training and then you can resell the training as your own. The problem with this business model is that the product gets diluted rather quickly, because most people don’t add to it or make it their own.

What about Roadmap to Riches?

I also dug into the other MRR programs, like Roadmap and Roadmap 2.0, but in my opinion, the content was even worse than LEPO. How people are singing their praises is beyond me. Actually, I know exactly why they are: because they got sucked into buying a $500 course and the only way to recoup that money is by sucking others in to do the same.

Is Learn & Earn Profits a scam?

Unlike most MRR products, Learn & Earn Profits has legit trainings that are worth taking, so while the business model is not one I’m a fan of, it isn’t exactly a scam. It’s just not one I respect or recommend.

How much does Learn & Earn Profits cost?

If you buy Learn & Earn Profits to sell with Master Resell Rights, you’ll pay $497. I accessed this course, as well as other MRR courses (and even more resources), through Hustle Hive Hub for $37/mo. 

Is Learn & Earn Profits worth the price tag?

If you want to learn basic digital marketing skills from this course, I recommend doing it through HHH for $37/mo instead of $497.

Is MRR the same as MLM?

The reason I’m not a huge fan of MRR is because it feels a lot like MLMs, which I loathe. It feels like you’re buying the MRR course, but the only way you make money is by passing the buck and having someone else buy it.

However, I have a new outlook on this. Using this MRR as PLR, as a foundation of your membership, while being SURE you add your own trainings, Q&As, calls, resources, etc can be a viable business model.

My Advice About MRR

Everyone who knows me at all knows I’ve taken a very strong stance against these MRR programs since they hit all the mom groups this year! This was mostly because the women posting were coming off as desperate and spammy, just like with MLMs… so it gave me the ick. 

I looked at a few of the trainings (like the “Intro to Digital Marketing”) and it was a no for me. 

After doing a deep dive, I can say I don’t hate MRR on a whole – but I’m still NOT a fan of the business model and the stuff learned in this course is available (in abundance) for free on YouTube. The course is not worth the cost, at all.

If you want to learn more, beyond digital marketing and how to set up your own low-ticket membership, I’d love to have you in my own membership. It’s called PIPs and there are two options: LITE ($7/mo) and VIP coaching ($97/mo).

At the end of the day, it’s up to you: decide what you want to do in regards to creating your own online business, and use the resources you have here at your fingertips to make it happen.

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It helps my blog tremendously. Thank you!



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