What’s top of mind for lender in current mortgage market?


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“You name it, there’s always a challenge. There’s always something to do. And I think that’s what makes mortgage professionals unique: we’re constantly overcoming these obstacles and finding a way to make your market and thrive in it.”

Strong broker relationships as important as ever

When it comes to brokers, the company is doubling down on what’s always been its main focus: “more and more customer service,” Edwards said. Soliciting feedback from broker partners on how their experience can be improved has been especially important in recent times, with its STAR Marketing Studio – a portal brokers can use to design branded flyers – having received a strong positive reception from brokers since its launch.

Education, too, is paramount, with training and other courses accessible through that broker portal. “Since we built it from scratch, there’s no limits for us,” Edwards said. “We don’t have to stay within a box. If we want to do something cool with it, we absolutely can. And we haven’t cut back on it.

“We’re constantly investing in our technology to make that broker experience smooth, efficient, and get the loan to closing as quickly as possible.”

It’s important for brokers to get to know a lender and their system when they partner with them, he added, taking the time to understand the process and their technology.



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